Why Israel? 

Israel’s Dental Industry : Crowning Innovation

The Israeli dental device industry includes more than 100 manufacturing firms. Some companies have reached international recognition, and became leaders in their own field. As a result, a few major acquisitions of Israeli companies took place within the last years: the very recent acquisition of MIS by Dentsply Sirona for $375M in 2016, the acquisition of AlphaBioTec by Nobel Biocare for $95M in 2008 or the acquisition of Cadent 3D Scanner by Align Technology Inc. for $190M in 2011. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, Israel is the 2nd most innovative country dental technologies included. 

In addition, there are multiple other companies that offer a whole gamut of solutions aiming to enhance clinical performance, reduce chair time and increase efficiency and ease of treatment for both dentists and the patients. Thus, Israeli dental products are considered value products and are highly competitive in global markets. Some of these companies are already established in the market, while others are at the R&D or early revenue stages. Between 2012-2014, the aggregated exports of Israel's dental industry surpassed $500 million. 

Europe is the largest Export market for Israel’s dental industry. Israeli dental companies are looking for distributors and/or strategic partnerships to enhance their growth; some offer OEM. 
Israel at IDS 2019 is presenting a full spectrum of advanced solutions in many different sectors of the industry. The Israel Pavilion at IDS 2019 highlights the diversity that exists in the Industry and provides a focal point for 20 companies and start-ups and their innovations. The pavilion is organized by The Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration of the Israel Ministry of Economy.

We invite you to explore the Israel Dental Industry at IDS 2019.